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Hot Air Ballooning General Information

What’s a typical Hot Air Balloon flight like? Here you can find anything from the journey pre, during, and post-flight as well as information on safety, age restrictions & what to wear.


Pre Flight

After assembling together our ground crew will transport you to the launch site (selection based on wind direction).  To get the full experience and learn about assembly of our hot air balloon, we invite everyone to watch as the balloon gets inflated and ready for take-off! (approximately 15 minutes)

We will require all passengers to complete the registrations forms, your pilot will assist with filling these out, and answer any questions you may have.

Many people feel nervous the first time they fly, this is very natural. Please feel assured that hot air ballooning is the absolute safest means of flying and our pilots are highly experienced.

Hot Air Ballooning is actually one of the best ways to get rid of a fear of heights!


During Flight

Once you’re in the hot air balloon basket and ready for take-off, the pilot will go through the required safety procedures.

As first light hits the envelope, the pilot will take aim for the stars, slowly ascending into the sky. This is truly a magical moment, especially as you reach the tree tops and start taking in the beautiful sights right in front of you.

Whilst soaring above the clouds, the pilot will introduce you to the surroundings and make room for photo opportunities. Then it’s time to communicate with the ground crew and decide between approx. 100 landing sites, depending on the wind.

As you descend, the ground crew will meet the balloon ‘running’.

champage breakfast

Post Flight

Once back on the ground it’s time to deflate & pack up the balloon before heading for breakfast! The pilot opens the parachute valve to let the air escape out the top. And to fully deflate the balloon, the crew together with passengers walk across the envelope to let the air out.

As a team you then start packing down the balloon, this is of course optional but encouraged as an integral part of the ballooning experience. Then it’s time for breakfast! Gluten Free & Vegan options available! As you’re enjoying the beautiful Champagne breakfast, you will be presented with your flight certificate. Last but not least you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Important Information

You will be climbing in and out of the basket so casual clothing and suitable foot (no thongs are permitted) wear is highly recommended.

The temperature during the flight is similar to the ground conditions so dress to conditions.

If you have a serious health condition which you believe may affect your flight please advise staff when booking.

For safety reasons, if you are over 12 weeks pregnant, unfortunately we cannot take you flying this time round. For further information please ask our staff they are more than happy to discuss further.

Children aged 3-12 years must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 3 are not permitted to fly.

We accept all major credit cards, electronic transfer or cash.

For our full terms and conditions please click here.

Safety is our first consideration. We will only fly in suitable weather conditions. Our team assesses the weather conditions several times a day and if they believe the conditions are not conducive to a fun and safe flight they will contact you to postpone to another more suitable time. If for any reason you are unable to fly due to weather, time and travel constraints we will refund your money.

A complimentary pick-up and return service is available from local accommodation providers in the Main Beach to Broadbeach area. Please call and ask if you are staying in our free pick up zone.

Collection and meeting times will be advised at the time of making your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a large group or would like to fly on a weekend, it’s recommended that you book two weeks in advance. If you have predetermined dates far in advance then let us know as soon as possible so we can secure your spot immediately.

Although we need some wind to fly the balloon, we can’t fly if there is too much wind. We fly early morning because the winds are at their calmest. Also, a lower ambient temperature means that it is easier to get the balloon off the ground and keep it in the air and we don’t need to heat it to such a high temperature. This in turn means we don’t use so much gas and can fly longer. We also want our passengers to be able to see the spectacular Gold Coast sunrises.
Our largest balloon can carry up to twenty four passengers plus the pilot.
Flights generally last an hour, however a balloon can remain airborne for longer periods, subject to fuel supplies.
We go where the wind goes. However, the wind does go in different directions at different altitudes and so by ascending and descending we can take advantage and select a wind direction that is consistent with our predetermined flight path.
You can expect an unrivalled feeling of freedom and exhilaration as you gently float above the magnificent Gold Coast skyline.
Generally it doesn’t get much colder than what it is on the ground. You don’t feel any wind because you are moving at the same speed as the wind. We also find that the burner acts as an excellent provider of heat.
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