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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a large group or would like to fly on a weekend, it’s recommended that you book two weeks in advance.  In saying that, we will always do our best to fit you the in if you decide on a last minute adventure!  For predetermined dates and special occasions let us know as soon as possible when you want to fly and of any special requests you may have.

Every season is magnificent to fly here on the Gold Coast! It’s an all year round adventure! We are proud to say we fly on average 300 days a year.

The balloon rises as we fill the “envelope” with hot air.  As the balloon is filled with more hot air, it becomes less dense than the air outside.  This makes the balloon ‘float’ on the cooler air.

When the balloon is fully inflated and the air is hot enough, it begins to lift and then travel along with wind currents.  Now your flying! The direction of the wind currents vary depending on altitude or height at which the balloon is floating above the ground. This is how we determine where we are flying. To choose which wind currents and direction we want to travel, we either increase or decrease the amount of Hot Air in the balloon. As we allow the balloon to cool it begins to descend. We can also let some of the hot air out of the balloon to achieve the same effect.

We fly on average between 15 hundred to 5000 thousand feet above the ground.

A full Hot Air Balloon kit ready to fly is approximately $500,000 per carrier.

Yes, on occasion we do have hot air balloons for sale. Its best to contact us directly to check. If you need more information about how or where to buy a hot air balloons, our staff are more than happy to help.

Yes, our hot air balloon pilots all have commercial pilot licenses and 100% safety records. We are just like any other aviation charter business and the same rules and regulations apply.

There are many different balloon sizes from small one-person balloons to twenty- four person balloons. Our average balloon or “envelope” sizes that carry your basket are approximately 13 stories high.  It holds about 450 000 cubic feet of air. That’s about a weight of 18 tonnes when fully inflated!

Although we need some wind to fly the balloon, we can’t fly if there is too much wind. We fly early morning because the winds are at their calmest. Also, a lower ambient temperature means that it is easier to get the balloon off the ground and keep it in the air and we don’t need to heat it to such a high temperature. This in turn means we don’t use so much gas and can fly longer. We also want our passengers to be able to see the spectacular Gold Coast sunrises.

We begin by laying the basket on its side and then laying out the envelope (the balloon) and attaching it by very strong wires to the basket. We then inflate the balloon with cold air using a portable petrol-powered fan. When the envelope is almost completely inflated with cold air we turn on the burners and begin to heat the air inside. This will make the balloon begin to rise to an up-right position. Then we just keep heating the air until it is hot enough to take us skyward.

The material is rip-stop nylon, which is coated with polyurethane. The first three panels of the balloon are made of Nomex which is extremely fire-retardant.

The baskets are made of Wicker.  Because it’s nice and light as well as being flexible and strong.

We do not need sandbags. If we want to go higher we just heat the air in the balloon. If we want to go down we let the balloon cool or let the hot air out. Only gas (helium) balloons use sandbags.
Wicker is light in weight, flexible and very strong – and besides they look great! Have a look at some of our images in our Hot Air Ballooning Gallery.
It depends on the size of the balloon. Our largest balloon weighs around 900 kilos.

LPG – liquid propane gas, the same fuel you might use in your gas BBQ.

Our largest balloon can carry up to twenty-four passengers plus the pilot in Australia.

Flights generally last an hour, however a balloon can remain airborne for longer periods, subject to fuel supplies.

We go where the wind goes. However, the wind does go in different directions at different altitudes. So by ascending and descending we can follow our predetermined flight path.

Expect a feeling of exhilaration as you gently float above the magnificent Gold Coast skyline and take in its incredible views.  You are travelling inside and with the wind current, so there is a serene feeling of calm and stillness.

Generally it doesn’t get much colder than what it is on the ground. You don’t feel any wind because you are moving at the same speed as the wind. We also find that the burner acts as an excellent provider of heat.

There is a great history and information on the history of Hot air ballooning on Wikipedia

Our baskets are 1.2m in high with 4-foot holds on each end of the basket.  These foot holes act like a ladder for you to climb into the basket. So if you can climb a ladder, you can fly!

It’s also important to note that you will need to stand for the duration of the flight!

Although we live on the beautiful sunny Gold Coast, there are a few days a year we may not be able to fly. Our balloon pilots monitor the weather conditions very closely and will never endanger you as a guest if the weather is not 100% safe to fly.

On most occasions we are aware the night before if the weather is not looking the best, however as we all know the weather can be quite unpredictable at times and we may have to cancel on the day of your flight.

In the rare occasion that we need to cancel, we will offer you an alternative date to fly, or a full refund will be given if you have chosen a “Refundable” Ticket minus the refund insurance of $20.00 per person. If you have chosen “Non Refundable” your ticket will be open dated and bookable for the next 12 months.

If you need to change your Flight date, we require 72hrs notice before your departure, a $25pp change of date fee applies.

Within 48hrs no refunds will be given, however, we will do our very best to work with you to change your flight date at a cost of $50 per person.

We can pick you up from most hotels on the Gold Coast.

However, anywhere South of Broadbeach or North Labrador you will need to meet us at the Star Casino Lobby, 1 Casino Drive, Broadbeach or any of the main hotels within our transfer zone.

Can I self drive or join you at the Hot Air Balloon meeting point?

You can make your way or self drive to one of the main hotels within our complimentary transfer zone. Or you can meet us at the Star Casino Lobby, 1 Casino Drive, Broadbeach. Just notify us on booking where you would like us to pick you up.

Hot Air Ballooning Civil Aviation policy states that if you are over 12 weeks pregnant you cannot fly.

We specialise in flying over the Gold Coast, so there is less travel for your ballooning experience. On most occasions we have you back to your hotel some two hours before other hot air balloon companies. We will have you back to your hotel at approximately 8.30 am (seasonal).  Getting back earlier gives you plenty of time to have a breakfast at your hotel before you head out for the rest of the day or off to the Theme parks which open at 10am

If you go to you can follow the prompts to find your flight date photos.

We will not only match, but we will beat any offer you find on the Gold Coast for your Hot Air Ballooning adventure by another 5%. This excludes School Holidays, Valentines Day, Public Holidays and other special days.

Although you get to experience the lovely warmth of the Hot Air Balloon Burners, some mornings can be a little cool. We recommend you wear a jumper or jacket that you can take off if you want as the morning goes on.  We also recommend that you wear closed in shoes but this is not absolutely necessary if you do not have them.


And don’t forget to bring that adventurous smile!

We have highly experienced Hot Air Balloon pilots from all over the world, so we are proud to say that we are the only specialists who fly over our beautiful Gold Coast waterways and skyline.

We also love to showcase diversity of our South East Queensland region, the contrast between the Green forested mountains with our Golden beaches, so depending on the weather we can take you on either of these two magnificent adventures, and sometimes even both!

Yes absolutely!  You can meet them at the dining area and we will even extend to you our special rate of $45 per person. Vegan & Gluten Free options available!

We have a few different packages we can offer you!

Please check out our package offers on this page.

Flight Alteration & Cancellation of a Booking: 

In the unfortunate event you should have to alter or cancel your booking, certain fees apply:

Individual Passenger Booking (1 – 3 passengers) 

  • Any flight cancelled within 72 hours prior to flight date will forfeit the full fare per person and will not be refunded.
  • Any flight altered within 72 hourswill be at the discretion of Balloon Aloft and dependant upon flight availability.
  • All alterations to flight datewill incur a rebooking fee of $50.00 per booking.
  • Any flight cancelled outside of 72 hoursof flight date will incur a cancellation fee of $50.00 per person.

What if I miss my flight?

If you fail to show up for your flight or do not arrive in time for the flight and you miss your scheduled flight date, 100% of the  full flight fare is forfeited and no rebook or refund will be made. You may send someone else in your place if you wish on the day with prior notification to us.

What if my Whole Group has to cancel?

Group Passenger Booking- 4 or more

  • Any flight altered within 7 dayswill be at the discretion of Balloon Aloft and dependant upon flight availability.
  • All alterations to flight datewill incur a rebooking fee of $25.00 per person.
  • Any flight cancelled outside of 7 daysof flight date will incur a cancellation fee of $50.00 per person.

Children aged 3-12 years must be accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 3 are not permitted to fly.

Yes, the cost of your balloon flight includes the mandatory aviation insurance and we will not ask you to pay an insurance levy on the day of your flight.

A weight calculation needs to be performed for your flight as all balloons have a maximum lift capacity. By providing your accurate weight you are ensuring that your balloon is weight loaded correctly.

We use PayPal for any payments. PayPal is safer than using a credit card. The data is encrypted for extra protection against fraud and identity theft.

We love to celebrate your special occasions with you! Please let our friendly staff know of your celebration and what we can do for you prior to your special day.

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